Enhancing Productivity through Technology and Services

Lightwave Solutions provides the best in telecom, technology, and security solutions to customers nationwide.

Lower Costs AND Upgrade your Communications Services

We are a Business Solutions Provider specializing in addressing the telecommunications and technology needs of larger businesses. We provide our clients with the industry’s most comprehensive Life Cycle Management solution with our proprietary EnVision platform. By using our powerful platform in conjunction with our veteran team of industry experts, LSI can generate 20-45% savings in our customer’s telecommunications and technology environments, while ensuring they have the industry’s best products and services. Our Customers receive both productivity enhancing technology and services, while at the same time significantly lowering costs.

Guaranteed results
LSI is so confident in our value proposition and platform that we guarantee our results. Engaging with us risk free!

Our Proprietary Process-The Techcom Analysis

Every customer receives our exclusive Tech-com Analysis. Powered by our proprietary AI engines, EnVision electronically extracts information from your current billing.

Industry experts who understand your existing contracts, obligations, and services evaluate this information to provide you with our analysis of the savings and value we can provide to you – and we do this before you even start doing business with us.

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We are always keeping an eye on YOUR bottom line

Our customers obtain the latest technology and services, selected exclusively for their needs. At the same time, we always keep sight of your bottom line, with a daily focus on lowering costs!

We are uniquely suited to obtain major savings from existing providers!

Our process not only ensures that you are paying the correct contract rates for your services, we obtain credits for any overcharges. 

We are in a unique position to help you leverage down the prices you pay for existing services.  Because we are service provider neutral and have active relationships with all of them, we have the leverage to present the best options for both a price and value position.  This process ensures your existing providers have to offer you their best prices or risk losing your business.

Carriers are not going to proactively look for opportunities to lower your spend with them.  We’ve learned over the last 20 years how to migrate your service to lower cost and higher value products by using the tech migration options that are not commonly known.

We can benchmark your current costs and compare them to the best offers that your service provider
has made to comparatively sized business.

We will use our industry knowledge and expertise to provide your business with dramatic results, without any effort or time expended by your organization. Nowhere else in the industry will you get someone that will guarantee their results and prove to you their value before you agree to do business with them!

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